Consultancy and Services

JRP is a consultancy and contracting firm serving companies seeking to know the real value of China’s technologies and manufacturing capabilities, as well as companies who want to buy project or product from China of real good price and quality. Our team of Beijing-based professionals has an unparalleled track record of helping clients formulate profitable investment strategies and value adding procuments.

China’s fast development in the past three decades has formed a strong ability and accumulated vast experiences in projects and products, and capable contractors, manufacturers and technical people are handful.

But, at the same time due to some different philosophy in business and standards, it is difficult sometimes for foreign companies to get the real needed service and products from China, or feel difficult to control the details of the project and products procured.

JRP has over 10 year’s of experience in Metallurgy business; this includes macro and detailed experiences. As an international business company, JRP has international business and technical discipline, we provide best services for our customers. Meanwhile, JRP is China based company, we are the Chinese market expert and have experienced manpower, this will insure our services are valuable for the customers

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